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Core values: humanism, responsibility, integrity, precision, innovation, and win-win
Hengxiang Petrochemical takes "humanism, responsibility, integrity, precision, innovation, and win-win" as its core values.


People-oriented, develop enterprises. Starting from the needs of customers and the public, determine the development direction of the company, develop products, and provide professional services. Regarding employees as the main force in the development of the company, creating conditions for the comprehensive development of employees and making their lives happier.

Serve the country for the people and benefit mankind. While fulfilling the responsibilities of state-owned enterprises and contributing to the country, it is necessary to simultaneously contribute to the country (region) where the business is located, and perform relevant economic, legal and charitable responsibilities; also to fulfill the responsibilities of an international company, develop products, and provide professional services. Strive to benefit all mankind.

Keep promises and do what you say. Adhere to "Every drop of oil is a promise", take credit establishment as the foundation of the company's development, educate and guide every employee to be an honest person, tell the truth, do honest things, operate in good faith according to law, standardize operations, and establish a good company Brand.

Fine and rigorous, stop at perfection. With strict requirements and meticulous attitude, we have cultivated a meticulous and rigorous work style for all employees, pursuing intensive production, careful planning in operation, meticulous management, and technical excellence, and strive to improve the level of production and management.

Based on the leadership, the pursuit of excellence. Put innovation throughout the entire process of the company's production and operation, and vigorously promote innovation in concepts, systems, mechanisms, management, technology, products, and services.

Cooperation, mutual benefit and common development. Adhere to openness and tolerance, sincere cooperation, follow and respect the laws and regulations, cultural customs of the countries (regions) where the business is located, absorb and integrate the excellent culture and advanced experience of the partners, help customers increase value, and achieve the common development of the company and stakeholders. Mutual benefit and win-win situation.

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